Friday, January 9, 2015

My Top Ten Most Anticipated Debut Reads of 2015

Please ignore the fact that I am a few days late posting my Top Ten Tuesday... AGAIN.  But I didn't want to miss out on this week's topic.  Two of my favorite reads from 2014 were debut novels, so of course I am ecstatic to see what 2015 has in store!  Let me know in the comments if you plan to read any of these debut novels as well.

As always, be sure to check out The Broke and the Bookish for more details on this awesome weekly feature.

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga [add to goodreads]
The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne [add to goodreads]
The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi [add to goodreads]
More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera [add to goodreads]
Last Year's Mistake by Gina Ciocca [add to goodreads]
Like It Never Happened by Emily Adrian [add to goodreads]
Between the Notes by Sharon Huss Roat [add to goodreads]
No Parking at the End Times by Bryan Bliss [add to goodreads]
I Am Her Revenge by Meredith Moore [add to goodreads]
Not After Everything by Michelle Levy [add to goodreads]


  1. Thanks for the love, Ginger! :)

    Also, you'll love MY HEART! Such an amazing book.

  2. These all look like such great contemporary reads, I think 2015 is going to be an amazing year for contemporary !

  3. I'm pretty excited about some of these too. The Night We Said Yes I've heard good things about. And both The Right Side of Wrong and Between the Notes are books I'm interested in.

  4. Great list. I'm also really looking foward to The Night We Said Yes. It sounds really great. I love all the new covers too. They're different than stuff that's come out previously. :)
    Happy Reading!

  5. I knew contemporaries would dominate your list, G. :D
    I'm really looking forward to Not After Everything, Like It Never Happened, Last Year's Mistake, and My Heart and Other Black Holes as well!
    Nice picks, lady!


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