Monday, May 2, 2016

What Did You Read This Month? || April Edition

In which I share the books I read (or attempted to read) this month + other bookish ramblings...

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon [A beautifully told YA - goodreads]
One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid [Oh this book! See my first thoughts here]
Act Like It by Lucy Parker [A quick, enjoyable read]
Going the Distance by Julianna Keyes [5 star read! See my first thought here]
Just Once by Julianna Keyes [My love for this author continues...]
Swear On This Life by Renee Carlino [Emotional, enjoyable read, but...]

Stand-out Novel This Month: Going the Distance by Julianna Keyes -- I practically binge read all her novels in March and April.  Her writing just speaks to me, both sexy and smart.  I love adult contemporary romances that give depth to their stories and this one delivered in all the right places.

Books I Started, But Haven't Finished Yet: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson -- as a huge Matson fangirl, I am taking my time with this one.  Her writing is among my favorites when it comes to contemporary YA.  This story has a slow pace, but one I want to savor.  Look for my involvement with #UnexpectedlyEpic #MorganMatsonWeek coming soon!!

And to keep with the "unexpected" theme... this month a few disasters happened in my world.  Some small, some quite large.  I sat on a broken stool (that I kept meaning to get rid of!) and fell off.  On the way down, I braced myself with my left hand and ended up spraining it pretty good.  After a quick trip to emergency care, some good pain killers, and a nifty looking hand brace -- I was on the mend.  My students got a kick out of my new accessory, that's for sure, ha.  My hand is back to normal now, thank goodness.

Here in Houston, we experienced historic floods a few weeks ago.  It basically shut down the city for a few days, and literally shut things down on my side of town for the whole week -- schools were closed and I was forced to stay home!  Thankfully myself and my family were safe and dry.  A lot of friends and colleagues didn't get so lucky though.  People are still cleaning up after the flood, and roads are still closed due to over flowing reservoirs and dams. Yikes.

Looking ahead... so many books I've been looking forward to are releasing in May.  My review pile is a bit out of control.  But I am determined to get to them all... eventually!


  1. Ooh! I shall have to try JK's contemporaries. This is a new author to me! �� Sorry about the flooding sweetie, it's tough to see your neighbours go through all of that. This last month my most compelling read was Joyride by Anna Banks.

  2. I'm still recovering from The Raven King. I did start Going the Distance last night and am really enjoyed it so far.

  3. Hope you're feeling better! Injuries are no fun.
    I read a book called Running on Red Dog Road. It's a memoir, so good!

  4. Hello, I just nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

  5. Thanks so much for these recommendations. I am going to look into a couple of these further.
    The best thing I read last month was Gag Rule from Edward Dreyfus.
    The emotional and turbulent story of the wife of a high school teacher who is accused of sexually abusing his students.
    This book was pretty intense but an absolutely fascinating read for anyone with an interest in psychology. Well worth taking a moment to check this one out or really anything by this wonderful writer.


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