Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

A new year is upon us!  2013 has definitely been a huge stepping stone for where 2014 is determined to bring me.  I am both anxious and excited to conquer this new year.  Lots of changes are in store for me personally, ones that scare me, but in a good way.  As a reader (and potential writer) I have goals for the new year that bring me joy!  I've never been one to set goals outside of my means, yet I still want to challenge myself.  The rewards from accomplishing those feats is one of the best feelings!  Here's a look back at some of my highlights from 2013, and a forward look at what's to come in 2014.

  • I read 77 books this year.  34 of those were Adult novels.
  • I wrote 30,000 words toward my first novel.
  • Got to meet two of my favorite authors this year: Jennifer Echols & Trish Doller.
  • Spent a few days in Chicago with two of my best friends: Tara & Anna.
  • Completed 3 semesters of school, making straight A's & maintaining my position on the Dean's List.
  • Began student teaching & discovered that Math isn't the worst subject to teach.
  • Dear friends of mine became Moms this year!

  • Hoping to read more than 77 books (I read the same exact number of books in 2012 & 2013!)
  • Finish my 30,000 word WIP & have the courage to share it with friends for feedback.
  • Maintain all A's, but not beat myself up if a B slips in there. It happens & that's OK.
  • Pass the two state certification exams needed to obtain my teaching certification.
  • Find love.
  • Take a vacation (Even if it's somewhere close, a mental & physical escape is always needed.)
  • Save money.
  • Maintain friendships with ones who matter.
  • Let go of stress as much as possible.


  1. Most excellent set of goals. Way to focus on yourself & being happy & healthy. Hope I see your delightful face a few times in 2014. Rock 2014's face off ;D

  2. Good luck with graduation and your state cert. exams! The teaching profession has had it rough lately, but I'm so happy/thankful/proud to be a teacher :) Happy New Year!

  3. These are wonderful plans for 2014. You must be so excited about completing Bachelor's in Education degree. So exciting. And wow, you sure wrote a lot too. I hope 2014 is great.

  4. I think you did amazing in 2013 and I just KNOW you're going to do even better in 2014! Those are great goals. :)

  5. Wow great job on being on the Dean's list + Straight A's?! I made the dean list as well and it's my goal every quarter to :D

    Got any Vacation Ideas. :)

  6. It sounds like you did a good job knocking 2013 out of the park! I really like how well rounded your goals for 2014 are and I'm sure you will kill them :)

  7. Aw yay. 2013 sounded great and your 2014 plans sound even greater!

  8. that is so awesome about your educational accomplishments! dean's list and straight a's! bravo! and yay to writing! here's hoping that you reach all your goals in 2014!

  9. You are going to be a TEACHER this year!!! I'm so excited for you and wish you all the very best in 2014 xoxo


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