Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Summer of Reading (So Far) in Pictures

Oh sweet summertime, how I love you.  If I could control mother nature, I'd have it summer year-round.  I could do without the scorching heat and sweltering humidity here in Texas, though.  I thought I'd show some pictures of my summer of reading so far!  If you follow me on twitter or instagram, then you may have seen these already.  If not, check out my summer of reading...

A few weeks ago I took a vacation to the beach and stayed in a lovely beach house with my family.  One quiet afternoon, I stole a few hours and escaped to the beach house deck to read.  It was lovely and so relaxing.  Just seeing these pictures makes me want to go back!

If I can't make it to the beach? The next best place is poolside!  My community pool area is perfect to lay out, take a quick dip when it gets too hot, and lose a few hours in a good book.  This has definitely been my summertime escape!

Another lovely view from the beach house at sunset, looking out at the Gulf.  Next to that is my pool area, a picture I took one morning while walking around the community.

Summertime reading is not complete until there's a tasty beverage involved.  This delicious sangria (+ other favorite seasonal beers not pictured) have definitely settled that thirsty craving.  And yes, that's me with a big smile on my face, enjoying more of that beach house vacation time!


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