Monday, May 12, 2014

First Loves Blog Tour: Kiss! Kiss!

I am very excited to be apart of the FIRST LOVES Blog Tour hosted by Bloomsbury, including YA authors: Mandy Hubbard, Jillian Cantor, Kristin Rae, Emery Lord, and Lindsey Leavitt.  There is so much to discuss when it comes to "first loves", so narrowing down my question to ask each author was tough. I thought it would be fun to ask each of them to tell their story about their first kiss! Those first lip-locking moments can happen at any age: on the playground at recess, standing at the door just after the school dance, or perhaps that scandalous backseat row at the movies! The details we remember from that first kiss can be swoon-worthy, or hysterical. Whatever that first kiss story may be, please share it with us!

Mandy Hubbard, on her first kiss...

At the time, my first kiss seemed pretty mundane, but looking back now it seems terribly romantic! I was in 7th grade, living on a big dairy farm where I’d ride horses every day. He was the boy next door. We’d hang out for hours on end, and then he asked me out—you know, in that way where you go “Will you go out with me,” and then someone says yes and you are boyfriend and girlfriend without having ever actually GONE anywhere. Anyway, we’d been going out for a month or two before he made a move! I was on my horse, and he walked over and said, “come here,” and wiggled his finger. So I leaned down and he kissed me. And then he turned to walk back over to his house and I galloped off on my horse, my heart beating as fast as his hooves hit the dirt!

Jillian Cantor, on her first kiss...

My first real kiss happened when I was in tenth grade with my high school boyfriend (who is now my husband). We went to a mutual friend’s 16th birthday party together, as friends. He’d offered to drive me (He had his license – I didn’t). We’d been friends for awhile, and I really, really (really!) liked him but I thought he only saw me as a friend. But as we were dancing together at the party that night, he leaned in and kissed me. After that night we started dating. We’ve actually been together ever since and have now been married for almost fourteen years!

Kristin Rae, on her first kiss...

Hi, Ginger! My Texas friend! First kiss, first kiss, let’s see. I was sixteen (almost seventeen), and it was Valentine’s Day. I’d been hanging out with this guy (I was a figure skater, he was a hockey player, go figure), but it should have been a flag that his grades were so bad his parents took his driving privileges away. I had to drive any time we went somewhere together. His mom brought him to my house for Valentine’s Day so he could give me candy and some stuffed animal that I rolled my eyes at. The whole situation was super awkward. When they were leaving, he leaned in to kiss me (in full view of both of our mothers). No, no, no. I turned my head to offer my cheek instead. We didn’t last much longer. I figure if you can’t let him kiss you on the lips because the idea repulses you, you don’t really like him that much.

Emery Lord, on her first kiss...

How about first kiss with one particular guy in high school? (Since he’s sitting right here and he gave me permission ;)) My now-husband was kind of an enigma in high school. I knew who he was before we really met. He was smart and a bit quiet and cool, but not in a Cool Kid way. In a genuinely-don’t-care-what-you-think way. He played drum set, didn’t have a curfew…and was on Team Physics. So, needless to say, he’s kind of hard to read if you don’t know him. Our first date was going so well, but I honestly couldn’t gauge whether or not he’d go for it.

Um, he did. The whole world—words and shapes and colors blurred all around me, gone. I got lightheaded. Still do ;)

Lindsey Leavitt, on her first kiss...

My first kiss happened pretty late as far as first kisses go. So late that my mother made a point to mention to the boy I’d just started dating that my parents were GOING OUT OF TOWN and he should come over. I know. Let’s not dissect that too much. I’ve already covered the moment in therapy. So we’re in the basement with some other friends, and I know that it’s got to happen tonight. Just get it over with already. But everyone knew I hadn’t kissed a boy, and everyone was watching, and I hated the whole thing. Then the doorbell rang, everyone went upstairs to answer it and… boom. He scooted over on the couch and went right for it. I can’t say the kiss was magical or anything. I mostly just felt… relieved. Funny enough, the boy who rang the doorbell so I could get my first kiss? I ended up marrying that one.

Thank you so much, to all of these authors, for taking time out to answer this fun question on my blog today!  Tomorrow (May 13th), here in Houston, the First Loves Tour will be making a stop with authors Kristin Rae, Emery Lord, and Lindsey Leavitt.  I will be moderating the panel for this event as well!  If you're in the area, please stop by and support these lovely ladies.  Details here: First Loves YA Event at B&N


  1. Love this! What a great question. It's always fun to get a look into the real life of authors.

    You are going to be AWESOME tomorrow as a moderator.

  2. Great stories - love hearing them!

  3. This was a fun post!

    My first kiss was in a church basement after a youth group session. So inappropriate!

  4. Oh I am cracking up! These are great! So glad you're part of the tour, and I look forward to tomorrow's event!

  5. AHAHAHA these are all so great! Love this question! And have fun tonight -- say hi to all the authors for me.

  6. These are so great! And I am loling in public at Lindsey's story!

  7. Oh! I love, love, love reading everyone's First Kiss stories. They're always magical times in anyone's life, first kisses, and I loved the variety of theirs :)

  8. Um, this post is so much fun. I love hearing about people's first kiss stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that Mandy was on a horse during hers. That's so original!


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