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Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey

Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey
Published: December 6, 2010 by Carina Press
Source: Purchased from B&N
House-sitting for her parents seemed like a good idea, until the microwave blew up and the lights went out.

Now Chloe Burke thinks upgrading the electrical system of her childhood home while they are away would make the perfect Christmas gift. Fortunately, there's an electrician in town who can get the job done by the holidays.

Scott Quinn has wanted to get his hands on the Burkes' wiring for almost as long as he's wanted to get his hands on their daughter. Chloe didn't notice Scott back in high school, but she's noticing him now, and soon they're indulging in a little festive fun: no strings, no expectations. After all, Chloe plans to get out of this goldfish bowl of a town and back to her real life in Boston by New Year's.

But Chloe and Scott discover they enjoy each other's company just as much out of bed. Could their holiday fling turn out to be the real thing? [goodreads]

I have to make a confession... There's something about these adult holiday romances that I just love so much!  Especially ones written by Shannon Stacey.  She knows how to craft the story in just a limited number of pages, but still bring forth all the drama and romance needed to satisfy the reader.  Holiday Sparks did just that and then some.  I must make another confession by saying I think this particular story has been my favorite to read this season so far.

Chloe has left the big city, visiting her childhood home for Christmas, while house sitting for her parents since they are away on vacation.  She's got three weeks before they arrive home Christmas Eve and discovers that her parent's old house is one short fuze away from burning to the ground.  As a Christmas gift to them, she decides to enlist the help of sexy electrician Scott, to rewire the house.  But the surprise is on her when she opens the door and realizes Scott is someone from her past who is very much grown up, and very much earth shatteringly handsome.

As these two reminisce over high school days and catch one another up on their lives now, their sexual attraction ignites and Scott quickly realizes there's more than just the wires in this old house that he would like to get his hands on.  Both of them know that once Christmas passes Chloe will return to her life in the city of Boston and Scott will go back to his small town life as the electrician.  So why not delve into a holiday romance for the time being?  With the motto of living in the moment, these two give in to their desires and spend the next few weeks in the company of each other's bed.

I really enjoyed the pacing of this novel.  It never felt like it was on fast forward, missing any key points, attempting to find the finish line.  The story lingered in just the right moments, giving the reader enough satisfaction to be engrossed with the story and these two loveable characters.  Chloe and Scott possessed a quality that had you rooting for them.  Even though their relationship was meant to be temporary, you knew this was the beginning of something so much more.

Yet again Shannon Stacey has wowed me with another holiday romance.  I just can't get enough of these and this story in particular really grabbed my full attention.  I highly recommend picking this one up because I know for me, it will be a favorite I'll come back to each holiday season.


  1. I've been debating reading this one since I read Snowbound with the CEO and I think you've sold me. Thank you! :)

  2. I bought this one right after you said I should! LOL I can't wait to read it over the holiday break! I totally agree about Shannon Stacey's great ability to give us such a good story in limited amount of pages.


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