Friday, July 19, 2013

My Favorites Shelf (+ other various table tops)

On Monday Anna showed us a peek at her favorite shelf, which gave me the idea to give you all a glimpse inside my home at some of my favorites, too.  My books are over flowing and keeping them contained on a shelf has become impossible.  Plus I like to use some of my books as added decor, and display them around my home.  They are definitely a representation of who I am.  The pics below are various spots in my living room that hold some of my favorite books.  Most of these are signed (to me), which makes them even more special.  See any of your favorites among them?

I love my clothes pin book ends on this table top,
along with a photograph I got in Seattle & had framed.

This is a shelf on the bookcase that my father made me.
I tried to organize it so you can see each spine, but the other four
shelves are bit more cluttered.

This table top sits next to my couch & I change these
books out frequently. Usually they are whatever I am currently reading,
or just finished. But for this photo I chose four of my favorites to display.


What about you? Do you have a favorites shelf in your home? 
If you do, or have a post to link me, I'd love to see it!


  1. Oh wow, such pretty table tops! Love the post and it's a great way to get recs, too so double yay =D

  2. Ahhh I love looking at the ways people organise their books. This is so beautiful. <3 So gorgeous and so organised Ginger! The clothes pin book ends are so adorable as well.

  3. LOVE! Mine are mostly contained on my shelves in a few rooms. We don't have a lot of horizontal surfaces.

  4. ooh, LOVE the clothes pins!

  5. My shelves are a disaster, hahaha. It's like a library threw up, and no one came to clean the mess. *headdesk*

    But I love your's!

    I want these:

  6. The clothes pin book ends are too cute! I saw so many of my favorites in these pictures. I don't have all of my favorites shelved together. Right now I just cram my books any where they will fit! Your post gave me the inspiration to organize!

  7. WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOKENDS??? They are soooo unbelievably cute! And now that I have a bigger bookshelf, I might be able to convince my mum to get me them!

    I don't have a favourites shelf (really, I don't have organized shelves period) but if I did, Anna & Lola would definitely be on there. Jellicoe Raod as well and probably all the Harry Potter books because (a) I love them deeply and (b) the covers are so amazingly gorgeous I can't NOT show them off!

  8. This is really sweet. : ) Because we recently moved, I don't have a shelf devoted to favorites, but I hope to do so in the near future. And I like that you have books all over. A happy home is full to the brim with books. : )

  9. I love how you have your favourites scattered around your house! My bookshelves are all a mess and in serious need of some help. We're in a condo at the moment, where space is kind of at a premium, but I love the idea of letting my books breathe and spill out into the rest of the house once we have an actual house. Thanks for the glimpse into your world :)

  10. I love the clothespin bookends! My books have overflowed from my bookcase and are now in various growing piles on the floor :)
    I don't have a special pile for my favorite books at home, but my favorites come with me to college.

    - Kritika @ Snowflakes and Spider Silk

  11. No favorites bookshelf for me. Though I love that you gave us a glimpse at yours! Thanks for that! : ) I, too, always keep a stack of books on my night stand; they are always changing. Thanks for sharing this! Makes me wanna compile all my favorites, make 'em look pretty, and then photograph them!!

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