Sunday, October 16, 2011

In My Mailbox {52}

You see these books below? They are the last for awhile. I have put myself on a book buying ban until December (when Clockwork Prince comes out). I am going to need YOUR help to hold me to that. Now if I get something in the mail for review, or on loan - that's a whole different story :P But seriously, the bank account needs to chill for awhile on the book buying. It's gotten rather out of control. So my IMM posts may be lighter the next few weeks. But that's ok b/c I still have PLENTY to read here!

Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley
Hallowed: An Unearthly Novel by Cynthia Hand
Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
Bunheads by Sophie Flack

Huge thanks to HarperTeen & Little Brown publishing groups!

What's in YOUR mailbox this week?
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  1. Very nice.  A little jealous that you got Hallowed. I would like to get Hallowed as well. Bunheads is a popular book this week. Come check out my mailbox at Livre De Amour-Books of Love. Old follower.

  2. I am beyond jealous of Hallowed, hope you enjoy it. [: And I am very interested in seeing how people feel about Bunheads, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your review. [: Hope you had a good weekend.

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate
    my IMM

  3. Well of course the one that jumped out at me was Silence because it was so good. Enjoy your books.

    My In My Mailbox

  4. Wow!
    Good luck with your ban!! I hope your books are really good to make up for the band :D happy reading! 

  5. Great haul! Thank you for sharing, and happy reading!


  6. I am so jealous of Bunheads!

    Good Luck with your ban!! I need to impose one on myself... but it's SO hard!

  7. Awesome IMM hun! SO jealous of Hallowed! Hope it's good! (:

    Haley from


  8. Great haul! Enjoy and Happy Reading.

  9. I need to do the same thing... but there are books coming out in November that I've been waiting for too ;( I got Silence IMM too this week, but I've been so busy I haven't even opened the box. Maybe we need to form a Book Buyers Anonymous to keep each other in check? It will never happen, will it? Good luck on your self-imposed ban. Maybe I'll make it my New Year's Resolution?

  10. Yay for Silence!  I have Unearthly, but haven't read it yet.  LOL, maybe I should before Hallowed releases.  Everyone seems to love it! :D

  11. I haven't heard of any of this books. I hope you enjoy them. Wish you luck on your book buying ban. I hope you get lots of review and loan books instead.

  12. Hallowed! I hope it's as amazing as Unearthly!

  13. You got Hallowed! I'm so pre-ordering that one! I loved Unearthly, can't wait to see what happens next! And good luck on the book buying ban, mine never last that long ;)

  14. Ooh, Hallowed! Yay, that one is definitely on my wishlist. And Bunheads looks adorable. Happy reading!

  15. Bunheads is on my list too. It's really good. I wish Hallowed would have appeared in my mailbox from the book gods. HEHE. Enjoy those fab reads.

  16. GURL. I hear ya on the book buying ban. And if you SERIOUSLY need someone to hold you accountable, I'm your girl. I've been on a ban since August, and mine goes until January, or until I can get my physical TBR pile down to 20.

    And yay, you got the Whaley book! I remember reading great things about that one months ago -- I was intrigued because of the Arkansas aspect, and I love coming-of-age stories from male perspectives. So let me know how that one is!

  17. Where Things Come Back is supposed to be sooooo goood! I can't wait to see what you think! I've been thinking about picking it up, so I'll have to see if it's worth it :) Great stuff!

    My IMM

  18. Hallowed!!! I seriously want to read that one. I absolutely adored Unearthly and I want some more Tucker in my life!

  19. YAY! Where Things Come Back is really really good!

    Happy reading :-)


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