Monday, April 2, 2018

Reading Round-Up: Winter/Spring 2018

Can you believe it's already April?! Where has 2018 gone to?? I can't say I'm bummed that it's going this fast though. After all, my most favorite season of the year is coming very, very soon: SUMMER! I'm already thinking up fresh ideas for this year's #SweetSummertimeReads feature (stayed tuned for that!!), as well as counting down the days until summer break at work/school.

With that being said, how is everyone's reading year so far? Discovered any gems? Came across some duds? I know I have. I'm off to a good start with my challenge; currently have read 20 books (I challenged myself to read 50 this year).

Today's post is highlighting some of those 20 books I've read. Consider them mini reviews packed into one blog post. I love recommending what I read (as most of you see through my social media accounts), but thought it would be helpful to have one place to refer back to. So be on the look out for more posts such as this one in the future.

Now, on to my current reading round-up for what I've devoured this past winter and beginning of spring...

Each one of these 2018 releases are coming from authors that I've read their previous work and loved, so their next books automatically go on my to-be-read lists. When I received advanced reader copies for each of these, you could say I was jumping with joy and performing my own little excitement dance. I wasted no time sitting down and reading them.

Both 9 Days & 9 Nights and Puddin' are set in literary worlds that I was already familiar with. I was eager to get my hands on their follow-up/companion novels. Dare I say I want even more set in these worlds?? Cotugno and Murphy know what my heart wants when it comes to contemporary YA. They get it so right with each novel they write. From the laugh out loud moments, to the heartfelt gut-wrenching emotional scenes. Their stories always please me and take me to such a personal reading experience.

Jenn Bennett and Maurene Goo are both new-to-me-authors from last year. I loved their previous work, so naturally I couldn't wait for their next. And dare I say these 2018 titles are just as good, maybe even better?? If they aren't on your release radar for 2018 yet, I hope they are now.

These four YA novels are books that have been sitting on my shelf for far too long and I'm kicking myself for just now reading them. I'm a huge fan of contemporary novels (obviously) and each one of these holds a unique, emotional, entertaining story inside.

Stephanie Tromly's voice is such a refreshing take on snarky YA. This "Veronica Mars" like storyline, but the roles are reversed, was so much fun to read. I'm patiently waiting for book three in the series to come out later this month so I'll find out how the whole story ends. Eep! I gushed about Abigail Johnson here, but I have no shame in sharing more love for this novel again because it captured my heart that much.

Simon. Oh, Simon. I am extremely late to this party, but SO glad I finally showed up. I get all the hype now. I totally, completely, 100% understand why so many adore this novel. It's perfect in every way possible. Later on, I'll be sharing my in detail thoughts on P.S. I Like You by Kasie West novel over at Andi's blog, but in the meantime just know that this is a backlist title that I feel everyone should make a front list right now!

I've read a lot of great contemporary YAs this year, but there's something to be said about the Adult Romances I've read, too. These four stand out to be some of the best adult romances I've read in quite awhile.

The Kiss Quotient debuts early this summer, but as soon as Berkeley Romance sent an advanced reader copy my way, I knew I had to read it. And read it, I did! In just 24 hours! I'm a sucker for romances that center around "fake" relationships because you just KNOW it's going to simmer into something so much more. This is a novel I've already been recommending to my friends who enjoyed The Hating Game and The Wedding Date, or anything by Christina Lauren. Be sure to add this one to your to-be-read list, too.

I know I can always count on my friend Angie to recommend an amazing romance when I feel a craving for something irresistible. Both The Prince and Brooklynaire came as Angie recommendations, and just as she predicted, I loved them both SO much! Though one is a historical romance and the other a contemporary romance, I still found myself completely wrapped up in the chemistry. I love a slow burn and both of these delivered on such different, yet satisfying, levels.

I'm another reader that's late to the Alisha Rai party, but man, I am so glad to finally be here. I'm currently reading the second novel in this series and since the third just came out, I have a feeling that one will be read here shortly. This romance series reminds me a lot of the Travis series by Lisa Kleypas. Though the storylines are different, there's still a rich history in family bonds that have been broken, all while forbidden romances bloom when least expected. I can't get enough of this world!

See something above that peeks your reader interest?
Tell me about it in the comments!
There's nothing more that I love than talking books with my bookish friends.
Read any of these? Share your feedback with me on them, too.
What have you read so far this year?
I'm always looking for reader recommendations, too.


  1. You have done great. Totally interested in your sweet summertime reads. I will keep my eye out for the post.

  2. I'm so happy you liked The Way You Make Me Feel! That is def one of my most anticipated reads of the year; I loved her last book! I'm also ridiculously excited for 9 Days and 9 Nights since 99 Days was one of my favorites the year it came out. I didn't love Dumplin' as much as I thought I would but still really want to read Puddin' because MILLIE!!!!

  3. Yaaaassssss. I'm still just tickled you loved those two as much as I did. :)


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