Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Why Hello There, 2018!

It's the first week of the new year and already I am inspired by the newness of it all. Typically I shy away from new year resolutions because I feel that I'm just setting myself up for failure. Why admit to the world that I am going to commit to something, only later bailing out, and then feeling down on myself about it for the rest of the year? Yeah, no thanks.

I'm taking a different approach this year by making small changes (eating less sugar, more protein) to eventually add up to a bigger change (a healthier heart & mind). Positivity is a key word I am going to focus on this year. If I can feel more positive about myself, project more positivity into the universe, then perhaps it will create a happier, healthier space for me in this crazy world we live in.

For the first time, in a long time, I've been inspired to write again. Back in 2013 & 2014, I ventured into NaNoWriMo territory and discovered that I really enjoyed writing. But since then, I've also discovered that I only enjoy it when I feel a story needs to be told. I can't just write, because I want to write. It's been a few years, but that passion has slowly seeped its way back in and I've started tinkering with a new story idea. Thanks to my good friend Trish Doller, already the best cheerleader, I've got something brewing. I'm not quite ready to share my words with the world, but when I do, I'll be sure to post snip-its here and there.

Listening to music is never a new thing for me, but creating new playlists is always a fun thing to do. Spotify has been my best friend for quite some time. It's the best source for me to discover new music and build playlists to my liking. I literally listen to the app daily, whether it's through my phone, on my iPad, or sitting at the computer. Music is constantly on in my world. Here's a listen of my top songs from 2017:

As for reading, well we all know THAT is not new for me, either. I just finished my first book of the year & it was FANTASTIC. Seriously, Katie Cotugno is a force in the writing world, one I hope continues to build and build, because damn she shines bright! Her upcoming novel 9 Days & 9 Nights picks up just after her novel 99 Days, and it is... well, a journey, for sure. I read it almost in one sitting (just stopped long enough to go to bed.. because ya know, sleep needs to happen sometimes). It's already a favorite for the year I know and THE YEAR JUST STARTED! I'm scared for whatever I read next. Lots to live up to there.

2018, you are looking promising so far. Here's to a new year of more fabulous books to read, stories to write, and music to be inspired by.


  1. I'm so excited that you feel inspired to write again! Can't wait to hear more about this project whenever you're ready to share. I'm not much for making—or keeping—resolutions, but something about this year just called for it. Maybe it's making even small attempts to improve on the trashiness of 2017? Not sure. Whatever the case, more positivity in the world can only be a good thing!

  2. Good luck with your writing! I'm so happy for you that feel inspired to write again. Hopefully it comes back to me too. Happy new year!

  3. I'm SO excited for 9 Days & 9 Nights! Katie is one of my favorite contemporary authors<3!


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