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Sweet Summertime Reads 2016: Brittany's Recommendations

Though I am back to work this week, I know it's still summer for a lot of you and I am holding on to the season with my Sweet Summertime Reads for a few more weeks! Today I am super excited to have Brittany from The Book Addict's Guide sharing her reading recs for summertime. But first, check these out...

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I'm so excited to once again be a part of Ginger's Sweet Summertime Reads feature! I love some good summer reads and one of my favorite books to read when the weather gets warm are light and cute contemporaries! I've always loved the lighter side of romance and I just totally identify with characters who are a little bit awkward, have delightful and swoony encounters, and sometimes go on romantic adventures that kick-start my wanderlust.

For my guest post on Ginger's blog today, I'm sharing some of my personal favorites for light and easy reads. I always end up seeking them out in the summertime and if you're a fan of them as well, these are ones I highly recommend!


ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins | ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS is my all-time favorite contemporary romance. I'm sure most people have read it if they're into the genre at all but let me also tell you that I know a few people who have loved this book who don't even like contemporary romance and are big fantasy readers. This is the book to either start you on a contemporary kick or continue your current love!

ON THE FENCE by Kasie West | Kasie West is another auto-buy contemporary author for me. I have simply adored every single book she's written (including her sci-fi/paranormal duology) and her contemporary novels are just top notch if you're looking for something just plain adorable. Her characters are witty, smart, and sensitive and each book is utterly unique. It's hard to pick a favorite but I think ON THE FENCE is my personal favorite so far.

ATTACHMENTS by Rainbow Rowell | Rainbow Rowell may be better known for her YA hits like ELEANOR & PARK and FANGIRL but I read ATTACHMENTS even before I had a blog and I just thought it was so cute. I re-read it in 2014 as an audiobook and I fell in love with it even more. The book takes place in the 90s when Internet and email weren't quite as developed as they are now so it holds a little bit of a nostalgic feel to it and memory of a (little bit more of a) simpler time. The book is largely told in emails with IT guy Lincoln as the main character but the book has a strong focus on Jennifer and Beth, the two girls he ends up eavesdropping on via email after he's hired to monitor a company's email usage. I appreciated the book even more as a re-read because I got to relate to all those things in my late 20s that I didn't understand as much in my early 20s -- a person changes a lot in a few years! -- and I was just left with an overall happy feeling when it ended.

NANTUCKET BLUE by Leila Howland | NANTUCKET BLUE is actually not really light and fluffy. There's a lot more depth, drama, and tragedy with a bit more soul-searching than the aforementioned books but it had to be included in my recommendations. Cricket is my soul sister. If there's a book character that I connect to the most, it may be Cricket. The book is the first in a duology and its sequel, NANTUCKET RED, hit me even more. I was thinking of this book long after I was finished and I can't believe that it's still so under the radar! And if you need an excuse to read it during the summer, the book takes place over summer vacation and Nantucket Island!

WHEN JOSS MET MATT by Ellie Cahill | Ellie Cahill (who you may know as Liz Czukas if you're reading her YA works) writes such fun books! I loved her (YA) debut, ASK AGAIN LATER but WHEN JOSS MET MATT is my favorite book of hers overall. If you're worried about new adult romance being all about sex, this one... well, it is BUT in such a totally different way. It isn't a romance novel wrapped in a new adult label. It's the story of two friends who met in college and are still in touch in their 20s. It's the story of complicated relationships. And it's a story about falling in love. It's such a fun book, just plain adorable, and it gave me all the feels! It really bridges the gap between YA and new adult and even new adult into adult. I recommend it for anyone looking for a good romance!

Thanks so much for checking out my summer reading recommendations on my Sweet Summertime Reads post! I hope you find a great new contemporary novel to enjoy in what's left of the sweltering summer heat! Thanks again to Ginger for inviting me to join her feature and stay cool, friends!


Thank you, Brittany, for sharing these reading recs with us. I love that you picked YA, New Adult, and Adult contemporaries for this perfect selection of summertime reads. Each one can interest an array of readers. I have to mention that your recommendation of Attachments has made me want to do a re-read! I love that book so much!


  1. Thanks so much for having me be a part of your feature! I always LOVE recommending books and summer reads are so much fun!

  2. When Joss Met Matt is the only book I haven't read from B's list, but I definitely think it sounds like a great summer read. Got to add that to my ever-expanding Goodreads TBR...


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