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Sweet Summertime Reads 2016: Lisa's Recommendations

Hello again! Ready for some more Sweet Summertime Reads?!  Today's recommendations come from Lisa, one of my favorite people ever.  Her and I go way back (like back to the early days of blogging way back).  Even though she's on to different avenues now, she's still a constant in this community and I love her input.  Please welcome Lisa to the blog, but first, a few things...

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Happy Summer, y'all!

First, thanks to Ginger for inviting me to be a part of this Sweet Summertime Reads feature! Isn't she the best? (yes).

Second, I am so terrible at thinking of a succinct way to introduce myself or do a "little bit about me", so I'm going to sum up myself in 10 words because we know the real reason you're all reading is 1. for Ginger and 2. for book recommendations.

Lisa = fantasy obsessed, Captain America fangirl, coffee fiend, laughs often, ridiculous.

Summer is a CRAZY busy time for me and my family, but we still try to make time to read! We all have our go-to reads for when we're busy, they might not necessarily scream "Summer Read". However, these are books that we enjoy so darn much that we make time for them even if we're totally wiped from a long, hot, busy day!

Theo (the 8 month old) - Hello, Ninja by N.D. Wilson + Forrest Dickison (goodreads). This is a fun little book about all the important things ninjas do in their ninja life. It's a quick read, sturdy board book, and the illustrations are so adorable. Theo can "help" hold it while I read the words!

Lucy (the 3 year old) - Disclaimer: Lucy reads ALL THE BOOKS. It is one of my favorite things about her. So even choosing a single book for her to be a favorite is hard, but I'll have to go with the Stinky Face books. The original, I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt + Cyd Moore, is read at least 1-2x a week at bedtime. (goodreads) This is a book that poses silly questions with serious implications - like what if I were a skunk, would you still love me? Of course the mama still loves her child, and explains how she would love them in any circumstance. It's the best. And the questions are silly so Lucy is a fan of that.

Me - Oh my dear friends, it is no secret that I. LOVE. DRAGONS. I was in the deepest of reading slumps this spring. I kept hopping from book to book to find one that would snap me out of my slump. It was months long, you guys. It wasn't pretty. Until Melissa Grey saved me from my epic slump with her strong second book in The Girl at Midnight Series. Therefore, my sweet summertime read recommendation is The Girl At Midnight by Melissa Grey, so you can get ready for the epic follow up The Shadow Hour. (goodreads) It's about a teenage thief who lives in a library (!) and is unofficially adopted by the Avicen, an ancient race of magical creatures who have feathers for hair (!!). The Avicen are in the midst of a centuries long cold war with the Drakharin, an ancient race of magical creatures who are basically dragons (!!!). Echo's wit, Grey's humor, and the addictive magical narrative are exactly what I need for an escape at the end of the day!

If you need more motivation, Melissa Grey confirmed that one of the Drakharin, who is Of Special Interest can be imagined as Sebastian Stan, but with dragon scales starting at his cheekbones and creeping up to his temples...*SWEATS*

Andrew: We've recently dived head first into the world of graphic novels, and there's no turning back you guys. The illustrations are intensely absorbing and the dialogue is clipped and succinct, so you can basically read a graphic novel (while taking your time to enjoy it) in a day or two. THE BEST FOR SUMMER! Right now, Andrew's reading Justice League #1 of the New 52 by Geoff Johns + Jim Lee + Scott Williams (DC 4 Life). (goodreads) We also both read A Court of Owls by Scott Snyder + Greg Capullo + Jonathan Glapion and IT WAS AMAZING (goodreads).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these books (or maybe fangirl about Sebastian whatever) on twitter - @heylisarenee. Thanks!


How awesome are these recs from Lisa's family?!  I love that she's raising readers - love love love it!!!  Hopefully she's convinced you to add a few new books to your summer TBR.  Thank you, Lisa!


  1. I love that you included books for all four of you! And I love how much of a reader Lucy is, that's so cute! When I was a kid I loved the picture book Old Mrs. Mopiter so much that my parents thought I could read when I was 3... nope, I had just memorized that book hahah.

    If you hadn't already sold me on Girl of Midnight, you would have with this post!! I'm so excited to read it!! AND I WILL FANGIRL WITH YOU ABOUT SEBASTIAN ANYTIME!!!! That picture is the ultimate. It's even better knowing that the sequel is great too. And speak of the devil, I just came back from the library with 6 graphic novels haha! Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Adventure Time. Woot!

    Loved your post and this is such a fun feature. Happy reading!

  2. I'm sorry, pause, what, wait, a SEBASTIAN STAN Drakharin?! Because YES. I've read The Girl at Midnight, but haven't yet read The Shadow Hour. Looks like I may have to check it out!


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