Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Top Ten Books I Wish Had Sequels

This week's Top 10 Tuesday prompt wants to know, which books do you wish had sequels?  I know it's pretty common in YA for books to go beyond just the first, but then there are some that are just a stand-alone.  I tend to like the books that end at just one, but often there are times I wonder about the characters and what their lives have become.  Below are my top ten that I wish had continued on.

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[The Book of Broken Hearts] by Sarah Ockler
The ending was sweet & oh so perfect, but I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to Jude & Emilio. I wanted to ride along with them through their adventure (literally).

[Where the Stars Still Shine] by Trish Doller
Once you read this, you'll see why I want more! This story is so rich and compelling, I wasn't quite ready to leave Tarpon Springs. *nudges Trish*

[Love and Other Perishable Items] by Laura Buzo
Oh this book! And that ending! Well of course I want more. I always had faith Amelia would be just fine, but I still wondered how things... turned out... five years down the road?

[In Honor] by Jessi Kirby
Though I love this story, the ending left me feeling a little unfinished.  I understand the purpose is to leave it to your imagination, but sometimes I just want another story written -- telling me what came next.

[The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight] by Jennifer E. Smith
I could easily spend another 24 hours with these two characters.

[Audrey, Wait!] by Robin Benway
Simply because this story was refreshing and hilarious. I could hang out with Audrey and her BFF for plenty more.

[Along for the Ride] by Sarah Dessen
I'm cheating with this one because my reasons are to take me back to Colby -- yet Dessen has taken us back to Colby in other novels. But I want to revisit these exact characters in Colby, too.

[Raw Blue] by Kirsty Eagar
I could definitely use a continuation of Carly's story.  I often wonder about her, and how she's doing.  I wouldn't mind seeing more of Ryan either, hehe.

[Amy & Roger's Epic Detour] by Morgan Matson
I want to go on another road trip with these two!  Can Morgan please make that happen?! Thanks.

[Attachments] by Rainbow Rowell
If the sequel was just an email exchange between Beth and her BFF Jennifer, I would be completely fine with that.  Their correspondence had me laughing so much! 


  1. Yes. ALL OF THAT. Every. Single. One. Agreed.

    Amelia and Chris, though, G! I can't get over that one. Please, Laura Buzo, tell me it ended well!!!!!!!!

  2. It's funny that there seem to be no stand-alone books except for contemporary YA. Why is that? I loved both The Book of Broken Hearts and Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, so I would definitely be up for reading more about them. ~Pam

  3. How did I forget Audrey, Wait!? I totally agree about hanging with Audrey and her BFF always. Maybe someday I can say "I know what you mean" with A&E... ;)

  4. Yes, I'd like to visit Audrey again too! A sequel to Raw Blue would also be nice - maybe from Ryan's perspective. I could even live with a Danny centred story featuring cameos from Carly and Ryan.

  5. Amy and Roger made my list! Good call adding Along for the Ride...it's one of my favorite Dessens!

  6. I haven't read any of these, but Amy & Roger and Along for the Ride are on my TBR shelf. I'm also interested in reading In Honor, Attachments, and Statistical Probability. Great list!

  7. I don't understand why Amy & Roger don't get together for another road trip.
    Think of all the blizzards to be had at DQ! COME ON, GUYS! Sheesh.

  8. An AUDREY, WAIT! sequel would be amazing, especially if it was told from Victoria's perspective. :D

    Sara at The Page Sage

  9. I haven't read any of these! I'm so behind in my YA reading...

  10. I still haven't read Audrey, Wait! I feel like such a bad book blogger. I've read Benway's other two books, though, and really liked them. I just need to set myself down and read it.

  11. I'm totally with you about In Honor by Jessi Kirby. Matter of fact I wrote to the author asking one hahaha


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