Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update: Camp NaNoWriMo 2013

In just a few hours the bull horn will sound (ok, not really, but that sounds like something that would happen at a camp, right?) signaling the finale of Camp NaNoWriMo 2013!  I am pleased (& very proud) to say that I have met my word count goal of 30k words!!! And I did it with a day to spare.

So let's recap my writing adventure over the last month...

I started off strong on the first day, writing a little over 4k words.  Crazy right?! When I get in the zone, there's no stopping me.  I just write.. and write.. and write.... and well, you get the idea.  I'll be honest though, there were days where the zone was lacking and my story just wasn't coming to me.  And that's OK, because that just meant I needed to step back from it a bit.  Let it simmer awhile.  I knew I'd jump back in when the time was right.  Sure enough, the right time did come back around, and words started flowing again.

My story is nowhere near finish, but 30k words is a good solid foundation for me.  It's kind of funny because the point I left off at, is just where things really start happening.. lots of conflict! and oh my, did that really just happen?!  I know I can't walk away now.  My story needs me.  I must finish it out to the end.  But I'm happy with what I accomplished this month.  Yay writing!

Here's a sneak peek at a fun scene I wrote...
Grant slides a finger under my chin and raises my head. I know what's about to happen and suddenly I can't breathe. With the softest gesture, Grant's lips are on mine, coaxing my own open. I move my hands to the back of his neck, pulling him closer against me. The kiss intensifies, and his hands find the back of my shirt, sliding just under the bottom hem.

I've kissed boys before, but nothing compares to this kiss. Every single cell in my body is on alert, tingling from the sensations that are coursing through me. The rest of the world falls away, and it's just his hands, my lips, our breath, in this space.

"Oh, sorry."

I break away from Grant's lips and take a wobbly step back, as the voice from an older woman who is standing there pulls me back to reality.

Grant stammers, "Um, hey Mom."



  1. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    Love this little snippet, and so proud of you for getting to your goal! <333

  2. That's awesome! Congratulations- you should be so proud of yourself!

    The snippet is great, by the way!

  3. Congratulations for meeting your goal! The snippet you shared was great...I want to read more haha!

  4. NICE! I've been thinking about trying NaNoWriMo, but I'm worried about how I'll find the time. That's a great sneak peak. Very steamy haha :D

  5. Can I has your book now? ; ) Just kidding. You keep it for a while, let it grow and develop into the amazingness that we all know it's bound to be. Man, though, that little snippet is really something! Oh, and congratulations on meeting your 30K goal. That's astounding and inspiring. : )

  6. Always fun reading about other peoples writing habits. Impressive getting 30k words in a month!

  7. This is a great glimpse at your story! Awesome kiss scene turns awkward. I have only tried NaNo once this past November and I only got to 20k. Congrats on reaching your goal and I hope the words continue to flow well for you :-)

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

  8. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Congratulations!

  9. That scene makes me want to read your book yesterday!

  10. Hi Ginger,

    Glad to hear you're still writing! Congratulations on meeting your goal!

  11. Great job! I've really liked the excerpts you've posted so far and I'm excited it see what else you come up with. I also love your attitude about letting words just flow and being ok when they don't, I think that's such a great perspective to have!


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