Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweet Summertime Reads: What's in your Beach Bag?

Back again for some more Sweet Summertime Reads goodness!  Not familiar with this feature? Check out my opening post here [+ enter the giveaway!] Also check out Estelle + Magan at Rather Be Reading, as well as Tara from Fiction Folio, for even more summertime sweetness on their blogs.

This week we're each giving you a glimpse inside our beach bags... because what would a summer be without the necessary essentials? When I'm off to the beach (or pool) for the day, there's a few things I must bring with me.

What's in your beach bag?

1. Beach towel - gotta keep myself dry!
2. Sunscreen - always, always a must. The days of braving it in the sun for that perfect tan are long gone. I care about my skin, and my health (and you should too!).
3. Aloe lotion - this is actually needed after the day is over; so important to rehydrate the skin!
4. Reusable water cup - I am obsessed with these! I have quite a few in fun colors & different sizes. They are great because you can refill them with water (or your drink of choice) and it keeps cool.
5. Sunglasses - I never go anywhere without my shades. I have sensitive eyes, so they're a must where ever the sun is present.
6. Sundress/cover-up - when you need to throw something on to take a quick break or to grab lunch, this is definitely needed + it looks super cute!
7. Flip flops -  I live in these shoes the majority of the year, so it's no wonder I'll wear my flippy floppies to the beach/pool as well.
8. iPod - Gotta have the tunes!

The most important thing in my beach bag?Well, that would be books of course!

I love a good summery romance with some substance.  Throw in a few laughs and music references and I am SOLD.  I've read all of these books, some more than once, and highly recommend them to throw in your beach bag this summer!

Don't forget the candy fruit slices, too! (I'm a bit obsessed with these)

Tomorrow Estelle + Magan from Rather Be Reading will be showing off what's inside their beach bags, then on Thursday Tara from Fiction Folio will be featuring what she's got, too.


  1. This is SUCH a cute post. I'm a total beach bum around summer time so I LOVE this-- though I don't think I could read Amy & Roger's Epic Detour there. I loved the book, but it reduced me to a sobbing mess! ;)

  2. I love that sundress you added! And yes please on the candy fruit slices :)

  3. This is an adorable post! And you're right, the books are totally the most important part :)

  4. I love, love, love that you always take sunscreen. I'm a total freak about wearing sunscreen, but, then again, I burn after 15 minutes in the sun. But it's so easy to protect against skin cancer, so don't skip. It's easy enough to fake tan.

  5. Love that dress! This post makes me want to go to the beach (even though I was just there!)

  6. That dress is TOO adorable! Your post also makes me want to go to the beach, which I haven't done yet. I really need to find a way to do that and soon!

  7. Oh my gosh! I'll take one of everything! Great post!


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