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From YA to Adult - Take the Leap!

I get asked quite a bit to recommend an adult book for those who mainly read YA.  I understand the reluctance one may feel about venturing into adult fiction territory when it's mainly YA that fills their shelves.  When you're so used to the easy, quick-pace that is constant in a lot of YA books, it can be difficult to switch gears and start reading something of the adult variety.  I've found in my reading tastes that basically anything in contemporary romance is what I am a fan of.  It's no longer just YA.  I am ever so thankful for friends who know my tastes and guided me down the path of adult contemporary fiction.  So I'm here to list a few of my favorites I've read (and plan to read soon), that I feel are worth giving a shot - especially for reluctant readers who tend to just stick with YA. 

Now keep in mind, these are adult titles, with adult content.  I would not recommend some of these to teen readers.  Though the themes are something most can relate to, I still understand the tone and subject matter may be too mature for some.

My One and Only by Kristan Higgins | my review | add to goodreads
Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey |  add to goodreads
Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis | my review | add to goodreads 

In the mood for something fun-loving, comical, sweet and un-put-downable?  These three authors are my go-to when I am wanting an adult contemporary that delivers in the romance, but also tells a story about friendship and family.  For YA readers who are reluctant to pick up an adult contemporary, these books are a perfect place to dip your feet in and get a little wet.  I guarantee you'll be coming back for more!

Stay by Allie Larkin | add to goodreads
How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo | my review | add to goodreads
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell | my review | add to goodreads

These three novels pack a bit of a more dramatic punch, but still deliver the fun-loving laughable characters I love so much in the contemporaries I read.  I definitely recommend these books to YA readers who want to dive a little deeper than just skimming the surface for something light and airy.

Sultry with a Twist by Macy Beckett | my review | add to goodreads
Close Enough to Tough by Victoria Dahl | my review | add to goodreads
Star Cross by Jennifer Echols | my review | add to goodreads

I highly recommend these three books for fans of intense romance in the books they read.  Each story creates characters that are smoldering on the pages!  If you're a bit shy when it comes to romance, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  These novels will satisfy your craving for a romance that takes center stage, surrounded by a story that can back it up.

Are you a reader of both young adult and adult fiction?  Are there books you think would be a great starting point for reluctant readers who want to make the leap?  Please share in the comments!


  1. I'd also recommend Julie James for YA fans who like romance, and the first two of her books (Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Practice Makes Perfect) would be friendly to younger readers, content-wise. I read a lot of urban fantasy and there are a number of series that I recommend to YA readers, particularly the Mercy Thompson series and Rachel Vincent's Unbound series.

  2. I actually took the leap from adult to young adult. I've always read both from the beginning but I got really invested in YA ever since I joined Goodreads back in 2011. Now I must take a leap back towards adult because I hardly ever read them unless it's someone I adore like Dan Brown. Jennifer Echols and Jill Shalvis are actually great authors for people who want to read adult books.

  3. The 10 books awarded The Alex Awards each year, for Adult books with appeal to YA readers, is also a good starting point.

    1. I was going to suggest looking at The Alex Awards, too. This year one of the choices was Where Did You Go Bernadette which is a really great book. I also recommend Catherine McKenzie's books.

  4. Definitely picking some of these up! I used to read adult fiction only but it was more on the literary fiction/classics side so I'm really excited to delve into the world of more adult romance/contemporary type stuff because now I'm not so romance/chick lit adverse like I used to be. haha. I don't even know why I was. Thanks for this, lady!

  5. Stephanie Plum for humor.

    Brigg's Mercy Thompson if you want to take a dip in UF.

    If you can go historical, try Outlander by Diana Gabaldon & Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

  6. This is such a great post! I would recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns and Outlander. There is a misconception that all adult books are boring, but it doesn't always have to be that way. I've been seeing a lot of adult lit books popping up lately that are a lot like YA fiction, but with heavier themes and adult content. And I'm not talking about 50 shades. LOL

  7. I definitely find that I'm reading more adult books lately, and they tend to be contemp romance or urban fantasy -- I feel like the writing style in those genres is most similar in YA in terms of the pace and style of narration.

    LOVED Simply Irresistible & Sultry with a Twist.

  8. Fun suggestions G! I have yet to read Simply Irresistible, though it's been lounging on my reader for a while, and I PROMISE to remedy that this spring.

  9. One of my favorite "adult" novels (and one that is what I think of when I think "new adult") is Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner. More themes, less sexy, but still so very good.

  10. I've been looking for recommendations to set me off into the adult books genre. I am definitely going to check out the contemporary reads.

  11. I recently read The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand. Great romance set in Paris. Lots of delightful descriptions of food and chocolate to spice things up. And what about Jennifer Crusie? Some of her stuff is laugh-out-loud funny!

  12. Thanks for the recommendations! How to Kill a Rockstar is one of my all-time favorites! Great post :)

  13. Great post, Ginger! Until I started blogging, I read mostly adult books. When I became a blogger and discovered the world of YA (and learned that I wasn't too old for 'teen books' as I'd previously thought), I started reading mainly YA. Last year I only read a few adult books but one of my goals for 2013 was to read more adult books. So far this year I've read more adult books than YA (although I'm really starting to miss YA!). My go-to adult author is Nora Roberts. She's a fantastic writer who knows how to do romance (plus her love scenes are HOT lol). I've had Kristan Higgins and Jill Shalvis on my list for ages (I read Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill about 5 years ago), and I've heard fantastic things about Sultry With a Twist. Susan Mallery is another one on my list to check out - my mum loves her books and from what I gather they're along the same lines as Kristan's and Jill's books.

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer

  14. as an adult fiction fan, i LOVE this post! I just got Attachments from the library, and I ADORED Simply Irresistible!


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