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Adult e-book Deals You Can't Pass Up!

While perusing the nook book deals under $5 at B&N, I noticed quite a few e-books worth checking out (and not completely breaking the bank!).  So I thought I'd share those finds with you all.  The following are all adult e-book finds, so keep that in mind.  I've got links to both B&N and Amazon!

Exclusively Yours (Kowalski Family, #1) by Shannon Stacey
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When Keri Daniels' editor finds out she has previous carnal knowledge of reclusive bestselling author Joe Kowalski, she gives Keri a choice: get an interview or get a new job.

Joe's never forgotten the first girl to break his heart, so he's intrigued to hear Keri's back in town--and looking for him. Despite his intense need for privacy, he'll grant Keri an interview if it means a chance to finish what they started in high school.

He proposes an outrageous plan--for every day she survives with his family on their annual camping and four-wheeling trip, Keri can ask one question. Keri agrees; she's worked too hard to walk away from her career.

But the chemistry between them is still as potent as the bug spray, Joe's sister is out to avenge his broken heart and Keri hasn't ridden an ATV since she was ten. Who knew a little blackmail, a whole lot of family and some sizzling romantic interludes could make Keri reconsider the old dream of Keri & Joe 2gether 4ever. [goodreads]

Slow Summer Kisses by Shannon Stacey
Purchase e-book: $1.50 at B&N | Amazon
Anna Frazier is used to living life at 100 mph, but being downsized out of a job in the financial industry has her permanently stalled. With nowhere to "go, go, go, " Anna hails a cab to her grandparents' neglected New Hampshire camp to plan her next move. It seems like a good idea--until she realizes there's no takeout to be had and the boy next door has grown into a sexy but surly recluse.

Cameron Mayfield knows he can kiss his peace and quiet goodbye when Hurricane Anna blows in. She was loud and bossy as a ten-year-old--and besides developing some attractive curves, she hasn't changed. Cam's not looking for a relationship, especially not with a woman like Anna. He nearly broke down on that road once before. So why can't he stop thinking about her?

It's not long before their sizzling attraction leads to smoking-hot kisses. But as the days get shorter, Anna must decide if she's found a new road to happiness, or just taken a detour. [goodreads]

A Rogue By Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels, #1) by Sarah MacLean
Purchase e-book: $2.99 at B&N | Amazon
A decade ago, the Marquess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title. Now a partner in London’s most exclusive gaming hell, the cold, ruthless Bourne will do whatever it takes to regain his inheritance—including marrying perfect, proper Lady Penelope Marbury.

A broken engagement and years of disappointing courtships have left Penelope with little interest in a quiet, comfortable marriage, and a longing for something more. How lucky that her new husband has access to such unexplored pleasures.

Bourne may be a prince of London’s underworld, but he vows to keep Penelope untouched by its wickedness—a challenge indeed as the lady discovers her own desires, and her willingness to wager anything for them... even her heart. [goodreads]

Simply Irresistible (Lucky Harbor, #1) by Jill Shalvis
Purchase e-book: $2.99 at B&N | Amazon
Maddie Moore's whole life needs a makeover.

In one fell swoop, Maddie loses her boyfriend (her decision) and her job (so not her decision). But rather than drowning her sorrows in bags of potato chips, Maddie leaves L.A. to claim the inheritance left by her free-spirited mother--a ramshackle inn nestled in the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington.

Starting over won't be easy. Yet Maddie sees the potential for a new home and a new career--if only she can convince her two half-sisters to join her in the adventure. But convincing Tara and Chloe will be difficult because the inn needs a big makeover too.

The contractor Maddie hires is a tall, dark-haired hottie whose eyes--and mouth--are making it hard for her to remember that she's sworn off men. Even harder will be Maddie's struggles to overcome the past, though she's about to discover that there's no better place to call home than Lucky Harbor. [goodreads]

A Night to Surrender (Spindle Cove, #1) by Tessa Dare
Purchase e-book: $2.99 at B&N | Amazon
Spindle Cove is the destination of choice for certain types of well-bred young ladies: the painfully shy, young wives disenchanted with matrimony, and young girls too enchanted with the wrong men; it is a haven for those who live there.

Victor Bramwell, the new Earl of Rycliff, knows he doesn't belong here. So far as he can tell, there's nothing in this place but spinsters... and sheep. But he has no choice, he has orders to gather a militia. It's a simple mission, made complicated by the spirited, exquisite Susanna Finch—a woman who is determined to save her personal utopia from the invasion of Bram's makeshift army.

Susanna has no use for aggravating men; Bram has sworn off interfering women. The scene is set for an epic battle... but who can be named the winner when both have so much to lose? [goodreads]

Be Mine: Sizzle - Too Fast to Fall - Alone With You by Jennifer Crusie, Victoria Dahl & Shannon Stacey
Purchase ebook: $4.00 at B&N |  $2.99 at Amazon
Sizzle by Jennifer Crusie

Business takes a backseat when successful ad executive Emily Tate meets Richard Parker. He's an accountant who's been sent to keep her in line and under budget in her ad campaign for a sensual new perfume called Sizzle. And if Emily's not careful, she could well melt in Richard's hands.

Too Fast to Fall by Victoria Dahl

For Jenny Stone, driving is her escape-from her past, her problems, her quiet life in Jackson Hole. But after Deputy Nate Hendricks stops her-again-for speeding, she could lose more than just her license. She could lose her heart. Nate seems to think that Jenny should replace her love for fast driving with something even more...heart pumping. And despite her need for speed, Jenny's never been one for defying the law.

Alone With You by Shannon Stacey

When waitress Darcy Vaughan's friend asks her to help out with the launch of a fledgling restaurant, she's happy to oblige. Little does she know the owner is Jake Holland, the perfect guy who slipped through her fingers after their one night of passion. But for Darcy and Jake, one touch was just not enough. [goodreads]

These prices are not guaranteed, so make sure you grab them while they're low (or free!).


  1. Nice post! I just bought A Rogue by Any Other Name because I just can't have enough Sarah MacLean in my life :)

  2. Great list!

    FYI: There's a Valentine's Day book with three stories in it (by Shannon Stacey, Jennifer Crusie, and Victoria Dahl) for $3. It's called Be Mine.

  3. I finally bought that first book in the Lucky Harbor series, since you loved it so much :) This was as good an excuse as any!

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Shannon Stacey! Thanks so much for sharing that one of her books was free! I just downloaded it. I read Yours To Keep and completely fell in love with the story. Can't wait to get into the first one of the series! Thanks again for sharing :)

    -Jessica (Peace Love Books)

  5. I love that I already have all of these except the Jennifer Crusie -- I'll have to grab that one.


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