Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Peeps I Want to Meet!

It's been awhile since I participated in The Broke and the Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday, but I thought this week's topic was too good to pass up.  If you love lists and connecting with other bloggers, then be sure to head over & check out all the rest who participate week after week.

This Week's Top 10: Bookish People I'd Like to Meet

1. Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner (also with The Broke and the Bookish)
     I "met" this fabulous lady during my early days of blogging.  We've established this friendship that goes beyond just books & reading.  She's a wonderful person who's become a part of my life, even if distance keeps us from chit chatting face to face.  It will happen one of these days. It must.

2. Jen & Carla from Makeshift Bookmark
     I am so happy these two have meshed together in one blog. I love both their voices & think their co-bloggership is going to kick ass!  I "met" these two gals in my early days of blogging as well.  Our chats have gone long past books and moved on to some serious topics, and some not-so-serious topics.  It's the best sort of friendship and I would love to meet them both face to face to complete the circle.

3. Estelle from Rather Be Reading
     I have met and gotten to know the other half of this fabulous blog (Magan), so I think it's only right that I meet the other amazing half, as well.  We just need to get her to Texas!!!  Or a trip to NYC would be cool, too ;)

4. Lisa from Lisa is Busy Nerding
     I can't tell you how much or how lengthy our email chats have gotten to be.  They are the most random & lovely things I look forward to.  I just know that WHEN I meet this girl's face all will be right in the world.  You ever come across someone & just know they're meant to be in your life? Yeah, that's Lisa for me.

5. Alexa from Alexa Loves Books
     Such a sweet, sincere friend that I am still getting to know more and more, and I LOVE IT!  There are days I wish we lived closer because I would give her the biggest hug ever.  She's a great support system when you need one.

6. Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit
     I think it would only be appropriate if both Shanyn and I brought Daisy & Peso to our meet-up! Those are our fur-baby's, in case you're unaware.  Aside from books and dog talk, we've definitely connected with music and random convos about eye glasses and mountain dew.  It's what happens when you become friends with an awesome person like Shanyn.

7. Mandie Baxter
     Books brought this wonderful lady into my life and our friendship has grown way past that.  When ever there's a new recipe to try, a TV show the other must watch, or a book we came across that needs reading so we can chat about it; it's this girl I go to.  I adore her in more ways than one.

8. Jamie Manning
     It may have been the Vampire Academy books that brought us together, but our friendship has gone way past that.  He's such a fun and positive person to talk to, and the best supporter!  We've definitely connected over similar interests in things (and people too, hehe).  Meeting him would be awesome!

9. Trish Doller
     I "met" this wonderful author over a year ago and since then she's become a very close person to me in the bookish world.  I know I can always count on her for a random chat.  Meeting her in person would definitely need to happen over beers and Mat Kearney, for sure.

10. Jennifer Echols
      This author is at the top of my list of "my favorite authors I am still dying to meet".  Her books are some of my faves, so I think it would only be right if we met and I had the opportunity to gush in person about her amazingness!  Plus I have a feeling she'd be a fun person to hang out with :)

There are so many more bookish peeps I would love to meet and therefore my list could reach infinity and beyond.  I truly believe people who love books are the best kinds of people in this world!


  1. Yay! Great list! Alexa actually is on my list too; because she's all the great things you said! I wish there were more opportunities for bloggers to meet up! You know, outside of all the opportunities there already are!

  2. Maybe we can all take a road trip to meet Jennifer Echols?

    :) Looking forward to the day we can meet face to face!

  3. This is an awesome list to be included in! :-) love ya girl!

  4. Awesome list! I would love to meet Jamie Manning as well. I would also love to meet more bloggers. I have only met a few.


  5. Ah Jamie is a great guy! I had so much fun hanging with him in NY this summer. Hope you guys meet soon!!!

    OUaT's TTT

  6. Yay! Yes! We need to have Estelle make a trip to Austin. Or Texas in general. That would be such an amazing time! :)

  7. Ah, what a great list and a few of your picks would definitely make mine as well. I love Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner and I'm really hoping that we'll get a chance to meet up this weekend at the National BookFest in DC.

  8. I participated in Top Ten Tuesday this week too, and was it ever hard to limit it to ten (I failed miserably). You have some great ones on your list, and I'd have to echo some of them. :)

  9. Great list! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting any of my blogger friends yet and hopefully I will get to know of some authors when I go to YALL fest. Here’s my TTT: http://whatsontheshelf.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/top-ten-tuesday-21/

  10. I absolutely cannot wait until the day we can finally meet in person! I think that would be a day of epic proportions, for sure, and I am hoping it happens sooner rather than later <3

  11. We need to meet. Really. There's no two ways about it.

  12. Love this list, as I've loved all of them today/yesterday. And I totally agree - bookish people are the bestest kind of people. Feels good to be awesome. Ha!

  13. GINGER. I love youuuuuuu!
    SO glad we are friends.


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