Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Check Me Out: Guest Post at Lisa The Nerd

Lisa the Nerd blog

Today I am guest posting at the fabulous Lisa the Nerd's blog!  I'm sharing my most favorite book I read in 2011.  Can you guess what it is??  Lisa has been featuring a different book blogger all week long, so be sure to check out the previous posts.  We love our books & we love to share why we adore them so much!

If I haven't convinced you by now to read this series... then perhaps my Book Love 2011 guest post will!



  1. Very good post! I will read these books next year. They are at the top of my pile now. And..*hint hint* some beautiful amazing beaches by me and Jamie! Just look up Destin, FL.

  2. Those are really nice pictures. 
    I had a love hate-relationship with the Summer Series.

    It frustrated me to no end, but I still read all three books and I still sometimes find myself thinking about the people in the books. 


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