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Mondays Bite: Twilight Discussion Answers Ch. 16-20

Moving right along in the Twilight read along, Yani from The Secret Life of an Avid Reader asked some interesting questions last week for chapters 16-20.  I loved her style & these questions definitely got me thinking more about this book that I have come to fall in love with yet again.  Below you will find my answers to them.

This week the read along is re-visiting The Reading Housewives blog, where they are answering Yani's questions as well & proposing new questions for the final chapters of Twilight.  Be sure to stop by & link up your post!

1. {SERIOUS question} If you were in Carlisle's position, do you think you would have been able to fight off your vampiric urges? Would you ever bring someone into that life, as he did with Edward and Esme?

- I always found Carlisle's character interesting and how he began the Cullen family.  I admire him for choosing to turn humans who had no other way out, but deserved so much more.  I am not sure I could have made that decision.  He's had a long time to control his vampiric urges and learn to adapt in the human world.  I understand his need to find a companion, so that he wasn't so lonesome.

2. {FUN question} We are introduced to Edward's playful side in these chapters, before he gets all manic about the new vampires, I think we have a better picture of who he is. If you had to describe him in 5 words, what would they be? Good and Bad qualities, whatever you like!

- Sexy, Observant, Protective, Intoxicating, Careful

3. {LONG question} While re-reading I have been taking notes: observations that I have come across re-reading and comparisons to the movie. One of my notes deals with page 383, in which Edward screams at Alice there is no other option. The first time around I didn't get that he meant the future that Alice saw for Bella as a vampire (because we obviously hadn't gotten to that part), but now that I know the whole story I see that is what he meant... Has this happened to you? Do you have any examples of things that are clearer now or things that you have realized while re-reading? 

- The subtle warnings from Billy, Jacob's dad, to Bella about Edward threw me off a bit the first time I read the book.  Obviously I had a good feeling why he kept making these warnings to Bella, but it wasn't until the story got deeper in the following books, that I really understood Billy's precautions.

4. {PERSONAL question} We haven't talked about this yet, but I think the idea of your human gifts amplifying in your vampire life is interesting (Jasper's control of emotions, Edward's mind reading), what do you think your gifts would be?

- I think my gift would be something a long the lines of dealing with your emotions.  When an emergency happens, or something chaotic erupts, I have the ability to stay calm and assess the situation before reacting.  It's an inner strength that I value in myself and wasn't aware of until recently.  I can stress and freak out just like any one else, but for whatever reason I have the ability in helping to calm others.

5. {SURVEY question} We are coming to the end of the book, what has been your opinion on this re-read? First, when was the last time you read it? Second, do you feel you like it more, the same, or less this time around?

- Not to be biased, but I have thoroughly enjoyed this re-read :-)  I've been wanting to revisit Twilight for such a long time now & I am happy that this read along gave me an excuse to.  I'm a pretty busy book blogger these days, so I don't always get the opportunity to read some of my past loves.  However, I refuse to treat this hobby as something that I have to do, and will always make time for the things I want to do.  It's been 3 years since I last read Twilight and my love for it is still there.  I think it always will be.  Since it's the book that got me so hooked to reading YA, and then creating this blog as a result, Twilight will always hold a special place in my heart.  This book is sort of like my first baby.  There will never be anything else like it, and no matter how much time goes by, I will always love it! (I know that was cheesy! haha)



  1. A lonely Carlisle :( so sad! 

    Intoxicating! Me likey!

    I'm probably freak out in emergency

    I'll always love Twilight because it got me into reading! :)

  2. Aww, I love your answers! Twilight will always have a special place in my heart, as well. Oh yeah, Edward is definitely sexy. No matter what, every male book character can never beat out Edward for my top guy position. Edward will always be my first book crush :)

  3. Love your answer to #2! I didn't realize that Billy's attitude hard thrown me as well until I read your answer to #3, and it totally clicked. Great answers! This read along has been so fun!

  4. Ohhh I love your five words for Edward!! And I think Im enjoying this reread more for the awesome blog groups doing the discussion. So fun! I hope you guys continue with it after Twilight....;D

  5. Great words. I think I had most of your words on my initial long list. It is hard to give yourself permission to reread with so many good new books out there waiting to be read. Thanks for sharing.

  6. First that picture at the end of the post! 

    I liked your word "protective" It wasn't one of the first that came to my mind but seeing it here makes me want to use it too...It really hit me as making sense. I think I used obsessive, but really he's just super protective of her. I suppose that umbrella's most of those creeper adjectives that we want to use for Edward sometimes, in a kind way. 

    Also, I'm sorry you were in a situation where your crisis-time personality had to come out...but way to go on being a rock. That's a personality trait that is helpful in the real world and in the Twilight one. It's always good to be in control when stuff goes down!

  7. I think most of us put "protective"...I mean, isn't that what he's trying to do throughout the entire book? Haha. And yes, intoxicating :)...I haven't read anyone who said "dazzling" yet and I'm surprised. :)

  8. Observant, Intoxicating, Careful- good ones!Books always mean more when they hold a special place in our lives!

  9. intoxcating... that's for sure!

    Cute picture :D

    I can definitely see that as being your gift, also you are awesome at giving advice!

  10. Wow love the picture. That is one of my favorite lines in the book the heart is enclosing. I agree this has been a wonderful experience, and Twilight was the book that got be back into a passion for reading so it will always be in a special place in my heart and mind.
    I also felt a little confused about the Billy warnings the first time around and now instead of just kinda blowing them off I can really see them for what they are :)
    Great answers G.

  11. I admire Carlisle too. Right from the beginning he knew he didn't want to be a 'monster' and he never gave into that craving. It makes him a stronger character for that.

    Edward is definitely protective! 

    I envy you for your ability to stay calm in a crisis!

  12. I'm glad to see that there's someone else who still loves Twilight as much as I do. I understand people move on, but it has made me sad that all of my Twilight friends have decided that they hate the books now. I felt kind of left out because I didn't want to follow suit.

  13. Sexy!! 

    I have LOVED this re-read too. I would have never picked up the book again on my own (even though I wanted to) BUT I have **LOVED** getting to know other bloggers and their personalities through this. That's been the best part. Like I said in my post for today, I would totally be up for doing another soon.    :)  

  14. I haven't been a part of this re-read, but I have stopped by to see how it's going. I've read the books (more than 2 times - shhh) and I have found that you get a lot more out of reading them the second time. Not just these books, but any books. Some people never read a book over again, but I think that they are missing out if they don't. If it's a book they loved the first time around, it may surprise them what subtle things they can pick up the second time around.

  15. i'm so jealous of your gift! i tend to freak out first, and think later. i have to take my time to be mad before i can even think about being rational. 

    also, LOVING that graphic! did you take that picture?

  16. No, I did not take that photo. It's awesome though huh?


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