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Mondays Bite: Twilight Discussion Answers Ch. 11-15

We are half way through reading TWILIGHT and things are getting exciting!!  Are you following along with us?  If not, there's still time to catch up.

Last week The Reading Housewives proposed five new questions for chapters 11-15.  This week Yani from The Secret Life of an Avid Reader is answering those questions, as well as throwing out five new questions for chapters 16-20 on her blog.  Be sure to check it out & link up your post!

1. Do you think the name "Twilight" for this book is fitting with the story? Do you think a better name could have been chosen? What about the series and the names as a whole?

- The definition of twi·light states: A period or state of obscurity, ambiguity, or gradual decline.  I think the title is very fitting because it represents a time period where one must make a choice.  The end of something is coming to a close, and the beginning of something much grander is about to occur.  The title sets the scene for that in between moment.  As the series progresses, I think the title of each book is appropriate as well.  New phases, bringing about more obscurity, and finalizing with a new beginning being born.

2. On this re-read, what’s your favorite part of the book? Is it the vampires, setting, plot, characters, Edward, or something else? 

- An advantage I now have re-reading the book is that since I've seen the movie, I have a better picture in my mind of what Forks looks like.  I had an idea before, but it makes it more real after witnessing it on the big screen.  Stephenie Meyer did her research well when choosing a setting for this story.  From the lush green landscape, to the misty air, every bit pulls the reader in to this world full of mystery & intrigue.  What may look like small-town America is actually the canvas for some pretty epic events.  The redwood forest that blankets the state of Washington is so dominant in this story that it could be a character of it's own.  With out it, we wouldn't have the Cullens here.  And with out them, Bella would just be an awkward teenage girl living a dull life with her distant father Charlie.  Who wants to read about that??

3. Edward shows his stalkerish/controlling tendencies during these chapters for the first time (at least Bella is aware), did this bother you the first time you read Twilight? Does it bother you now that you’re re-reading it? Should Bella be more worried about it?

- The very first time I read Twilight, I did so on my own.  I hadn't heard of book blogs, I wasn't reviewing it, and I barely had any friends who liked to discuss books either.  With my own thoughts, I wasn't persuaded by anything.  I fell in love with Edward and adored everything about him.  It wasn't until I finished reading the series that I started searching the internet for people's opinions.  Immediately I was taken back by all the comments made on behalf of Edward and his "controlling ways".  It shocked me because I had never thought that way while reading it.  Call me crazy, but this girl was just as head over heels in love with Edward as Bella was!

4. Do you find yourself, during or after reading another paranormal/supernatural book, comparing it to Twilight? If you do, why do you think that is? Is it because it’s popular or because it’s just a book that makes an impact?

- To be honest, it bugs me when books are compared to Twilight.  I remember seeing a blurb on the cover of Gayle Forman's If I Stay suggesting readers of Twilight would like this book.  Um what?!  They are two totally different books!  I think publishers know they can get someone's attention by attaching Twilight to the name of it.  However, I don't always agree with this.  Let a book speak for itself. I do have a tendency to compare vampire books to Twilight, though.  I mean how can you not?!

5. Bella is introduced to the Cullen Family in chapter 15, who is your favorite Cullen and why?

- In the book I really liked Alice.  I think her character was a nice touch for Bella.  She was lacking in the girl friend/sisterly love.  However the movie version of Alice?  Can't stand her.  If you're noticing a trend, I can't stand a lot of the actors for the movie (just FYI).  Even though Alice could predict her relationship with Bella, she still came across genuine.  



  1. I completely agree on seeing negative opinions on Twilight, I was like WHAT people really think that??  And yes I am passionate about Twilight (you never forget your first love) and I am so glad you thought of this idea for the read-along because we all are passionate about Twilight and its great sharing and agreeing with everyone's opinions :D

    PS no stealing is involved, you are more than welcome to all my images :P

  2. I never noticed the stalkerishness of Edward when I was reading on my own...I thought it was all love and sweet and swoonworthy. Still do, and I think that is how Stephanie Meyer intended it to be. Also, I get really irritated as well with the whole Twilight comparison thing. I ranted a little bit in my answers. 

  3. LOL- Yeah the Twilight movie really stunk and every chance I get I express to people why....:D I loved book Alice too and I overlooked the whole stalker Edward when I first read it, because come on it was Edward!!

  4. I agree with you and Tina about Edward, he could do no wrong! (well, until New Moon! but all is forgiven) As I'm re-reading this book my husband asked if he could be my Edward! HA! Alice is my favorite too! I see her as a great friend to Bella! The movie is all wrong! I think once our questions are over we all need to watch the movie and then talk about what IS WRONG with it!!

  5. I love Bella's favorite color--brown. she miss the color of dirt, tree trunks not covered in moss & warmth. Cracking me up. I think Forks is a perfect backdrop. Of course for TExans, ut is down right alien. I'll love Edward forever.

  6. I was accually one of those people who read the mags on the movies, and looked at the recommendations from readers if you like twilight u will like this. It is how i started reading the mortal instruments, and the blue blood series. I feel bad doing it but since twilight got me to read again i wanted more. I accualy recently compared The Goddess Test to it. At least the beginning. Her moving to a small town, not really wanting to get to know people, a bit of a car accident that later she finds Henery saved her from. When she first arrives guys are into her. James is a bit like Jacob in the friend dept but he loves her. Just some similarities. But i loved the goddess test dont get me wrong and it is its own story as well.
    I love Alice too! I think its hard not to love her since she is going to know how you react even before you do. Love your answers

  7. Forks is just as beautiful in real life. My friends and I had a chance to spend a week there (before the movie was even conceived), and I immediately fell in love with it. The greenness, the constant mist, the beautiful scenery. I highly recommend that everyone, Twilight fan or not, see it in person just because it's so pretty!

  8. I agree, when I read Twilight I didn't know about book blogs but I was surprised with what people thought about Edward as well! It was insane!

  9. When I first read Twilight, I knew nothing of books in general.

    Oh yeah, and I seem, so far, to be the only Alice hater! I find her rather annoying. I couldn't handle her personality on a regular basis, lol.

    Cute pic!

  10. Isn't it funny how after you read something about a book it's hard to get it out of your mind? That's why I'm really careful about reading reviews...especially if it's a book that I REALLY want to like!

  11. I'm with you on being bugged when books are compared to Twilight. I'm so over it already! And If I Stay was so not like Twilight. LOL

  12. Spoken like a true Twilight fan! Love all of your answers. Thanks for defining "Twilight" because a lot of people forget to check out the meaning and see how it represents the book.

  13. yeahhhhh you for looking up the real definition for twilight! you're fabulous. 

    also, that final graphic is to DIE for. 

  14. I'll agree with being annoyed when publishers slap the title Twilight on a book to increase interest. I prefer for publishers to be honest in their comparisons! lol. I like that you liked the setting the best as part of your re-read. I'll admit that I take the setting for granted. But it really plays a huge part in the plot of the book. Without the climate and setting Bella and Edward never would have happened. I think I'll pay a little more attention to it now ;)

  15. I completely agree with every answer!

    It's so nice to hear someone else admit her love for Edward. I never saw him as controlling, just protective. I loved him from the very beginning and still do after several rereads.


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