Thursday, July 21, 2011

Author Interview: Jennifer Echols

You may have seen me mention YA author Jennifer Echols a time or two on my blog.  Ok let's be real - more like a gazillion times!  She is, after all, one of my FAVORITE contemporary authors for young adult fiction.  Her books speak directly to me, and pull me inside the pages.  Her stories are filled with characters that I can physically see and imagine myself knowing.  But let's cut to the chase, this woman knows how to write sexytimes in YA lit.  She does it with such brilliance and modesty that sometimes you have to stop, re-read a sentence or two, and then let the steaminess simmer awhile before turning the page.

I am BEYOND excited to be a part of the Teen Book Scene book tour for her latest novel, Love Story.  If you stopped by my blog yesterday then hopefully you read my review for it; as well as entered the AMAZING giveaway for not one, but THREE of her novels!  I was asked to propose a few interview questions that Ms. Echols can only answer in 10 words or less.  Me being someone who likes to talk, I commend her for her efforts! I know it would have been difficult for me to accomplish.

In 10 Words or Less...

1. Besides writing fantastically amazing books, I know that you are a copy editor.
Tell me 10 of your favorite words.

Ubiquitous, seedy, penultimate, tingle, obsequious, soporific, misspell, pabulum, phototropic, hot.

2. What are Meg & John After from Going Too Far up to these day?

Working, finishing school, and having a great time together.

3. Can we expect any follow-ups to your previous books?

I don’t like reading sequels so I don’t write them.

4. How does it feel to see yourself as a full time author?

It’s everything I ever wanted. I hope to stay here.

5. Best moment about writing Love Story?

Hunter’s story about the planets. That came out of nowhere.

That was definitely short & sweet!  Thanks again to Jennifer Echols & Teen Book Scene for putting this together.  Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win Love Story, Going Too Far, & Forget You.



  1. I love this! Penultimate is totally one of my favorite words, too. 

  2. Jennifer's books are my absolute favorites! Her writing is amazing. One of my friends that DOES NOT read just finished Forget You in two days. It's a pretty big deal. That's great you got to interview an author you really like!
    I don't think any of her books need a follow up, they're perfect. :) Nice questions!

  3. Jennifer Echols is so amazing! Her writing is just... WOW!

  4. Haha I definitely couldn't answer in 10 words or less. I like talking too much for that but fun interview! My fan-girl crush on Jennifer Echols and her books is beyond ridiculous. They just make me so happy every time I re-read them plus they are books that I have no issue recommending to ALL of my friends regardless of what their taste in books are!


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