Tuesday, April 5, 2011

City of... SERIOUS LOVE!

So I realize that I do not have one single review up for any of Cassandra Clare's books.  If you know me, then you know how much I ADORE these books.  But I've never once sat down & put my thoughts on the computer screen explaining WHY I love these stories so much.  Yes, I have this blog to share with you all my love/hate relationship with my books, but sometimes I like to keep my thoughts MY thoughts.  The Mortal Instruments series is one set of books that I will probably keep private, my reviews on them anyway.  They hold a special place in my heart & I don't know if I am quite ready to unleash all those emotions out in to the blogosphere.  So instead, I thought I'd share with you all my love FOR the books & not necessarily ABOUT the books.

Are you still with me?

I first picked up City of Bones in 2008.  I had just devoured the Twilight series for the 6th or 7th time (seriously), and I was needing something to settle my stomach & feed that craving in which Twilight so graciously stuffed down my throat.  The order was tall, but I was up for the challenge.  In walks Cassandra Clare (not literally) with these amazing characters named Jace, Clary, Simon, Magnus, Alec, Izzy (& the list could go on...) that consumed a world I had no idea even existed!  We're talking about Shadowhunters people!  Totally bad-ass, demon-slaying, jaw-dropping, risk-taking individuals who just blew me away.  Throw in a crazy awesome warlock, a sarcastic vampire, & loads of family history and we have the makings of the perfect cast for the ultimate paranormal book. 

I'm pretty sure I read City of Bones in one day & immediately got my hands on City of Ashes (the 2nd book in the series).  As I recall, I spent Christmas of 2008 at my dad's house reading CoA while my family engaged in festive holiday traditions.  I was too busy losing myself to runes, battles, & swoonage - OH THE SWOONAGE!  Cassandra Clare definitely knows how to set the scene when it comes to swooning.  Jace Wayland anyone???  As I finished CoA I realized that it would be 3 months until City of Glass came out.  What the what?!  How on earth could I possibly wait that long???  Well let me just tell you, the wait was SO worth it!  City of Glass gave us such a sense of closure with that crazy wicked world, that I felt satisfied closing that last chapter.  But then Cassandra threw a curve ball at us.. THERE WOULD BE MORE!!!  Oh yes.  More Jace. More Clary. More Magnus. MORE JACE. And more adventures to be swept away in.

I write this little blog post on the day City of Fallen Angels has been released.  It's the fourth installment in the series, in which I have waited two years (TWO YEARS!) to continue my love for Cassandra Clare in all her epic glory.  Yes, I pre-ordered my beautiful copy from Barnes & Noble months ago, so that I could get the signed edition with Jace's letter to Clary inside (see City of Glass to know what I am talking about).  But silly me I could not wait the 2 days of shipping to get my hands on it, so this fangirl here downloaded the e-book to her nook at 5am this morning! Ha!  Now THAT is true love :-)

So that is my quest with The Mortal Instruments series thus far (in a nut shell).  They are special books to me because they made me realize that I really DO love to read.  That Twilight (being the books that started this craziness for me) wasn't just a fluke.  Reading really was my thing.  When books can open up your imagination & fill you with so much emotion that you never knew existed, it's an enlightening yet humble experience.  Oh and you may ask, have I finished City of Fallen Angels yet? Nope. But I'm about to...



  1. I just recently discovered this series, but I so share your love Ginger! It's amazing, and especially after City of Glass, I just want everyone I know to read it. I'll be starting COFA at lunch!

  2. I cannot even imagine having to wait TWO years in between books. I am so thankful I waited so I only had a few weeks :) You, my friend, are one hard-core and awesome TMI fan!!

  3. Okay, I am really going to have to read these. Twilight opened up a whole new world to me as well, before Twilight I was just a murder mystery gal. Now I don't know how to handle a book that doesn't have a vampire/dragon/wizard/angsty teenager in it.

  4. I just started reading this series in January. It was nice that I was able to read them all right in a row. It's been hard enough waiting a couple of months for the 4th book. I can't imagine 2 years! I <3 Jace!!! :)

  5. I loved every single thing about this post. ♥ Thank YOU for introducing me to this wonderful series. I can't wait to share all of the oooh & aaahhh moments of CoFA with you!

  6. We're like book sisters. That is my story to a T. Happy Mortal Instraments Day.

  7. Twilight was like my gateway drug to reading ya, and The Mortal Instruments cemented my addiction. I read them last year, and not only did it give me my reading spark back, but a writing contest for the release of Clockwork Angel made me start writing again as well.

    If I had an ereader, I'd totally be downloading it right now too. ;D But I'm sadly waiting on slow-ass B&N shipping to get it here.

  8. Love! Twilight opened up reading to me as well. I've always loved reading, but I let other things occupy my time until Twi came along.

    I got the MI box set for Christmas, but just haven't had the time to read them all. I don't want to start one without being able to read them all one-after-the-other.

    This post has definitely made me want to move my schedule around. I'm dying to dive in now. <3

  9. Twilight did the same thing for me and I thought I'd never find something I loved as much...This serious is so freakin' awesome. I just drove to a much further bookstore in order to get my Jace/Clary letter. I can't wait to start it tonight!

  10. I feel the same way about this series! I actually can't seem to formulate a coherent review. I just can't find the right words. I started reading these right after I finished Twilight. I needed to fill the void too! The wait for each new one gets harder and harder!

  11. Wow two years? ...long time, no doubt!(:
    I just purchases the first book, last night and I'm super excited to get started!:D

  12. A great read! I'll start reading the rest of the series, thanks...

    help for single Dads

  13. I really have had a great journey with the TMI series *sighs* So happy that we've got 2 more after COFA!

  14. I love this series as well, and like you never posted reviews. Shan did, but...anyway, I sadly, have not had time to pick up CoFA. Maybe this weekend.


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