Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

This week I decided to participate in Top Ten Tuesday created by The Broke and the Bookish.  These lists are created each week to provoke the minds of fellow book bloggers & come up with their own top 10's!

This week's topic: Top Ten Fictional Crushes

1. Jace from The Mortal Instruments series
2. Edward from Twilight series
3. Sam from Shiver/Linger
4. Alex from Perfect Chemistry
5. Caleb from Leaving Paradise
6. Dexter from This Lullaby
7. Jared from The Host
8. Peeta from Hunger Games series
9. Roger from Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
10. Patch from Hush, Hush

(in no particular order!)



  1. I was totally going to put Jared on my list, but I couldn't remember his name at the time! Fail!

    My Top Ten

  2. Okay, brilliant and agreed on loving EVERY SINGLE ONE. I've read every one of these books. Great taste, as always ;) I just made my list too. So hard to pick!

  3. You have some of my favorites on there.

    I'd take of Edward, I want Jacob *swoon*

    Ethan from Beautiful Creatures/Darkness is interesting.

    Patch for sure! Jace! Of course, I'll take two of him.

    Ah, such a wonderful platter of male goodness!
    *fans self*

    Mad Scientist

  4. Lots of Peetas -- I'm pleased. I like him so much over Gale :D

  5. I can never decide who I like more between Ian and Jared

  6. Sam from Shiver is a good choice...how could you not love him?

  7. I love Dexter...actually I love all of Dessen's male characters - she's so awesome at writing them!

  8. Do you think that Perfect Chemistry is the retelling of Romeo and Juliet?
    This meme has just rekindled my crushes on the guys on my list. sigh!

  9. I like Jared too. Ian just really got my attention because he was so quick to see Wanderer for who she really was. I think their relationship is so sweet.

    Yay Peeta!

  10. Ginger, Doug's on this list.
    Why not John? He's so tortured. We love tortured guys who keep their emotions, anger and sorrow buried inside..

    Out of all the books featured in this list, I've only read the Twilight series. So, I can't comment on the other guys.

    I know everyone wants Alex Pettyfer for Jace.

    My literary crushes.

    1.Oliver Hazard-Perry, Blue Bloods series
    2.Kingsley Martin, Blue Bloods series
    3.Doug Fox, Forget You
    4.John After, Going Too Far
    5.Landon Carter, A Walk to Remember
    6.Mr Darcy, Pride and Prejudice
    7.Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables
    (so sweet in Anne of the Island(
    8.Teddy in Little Women
    9.Lucien Antonescu, Insatiable
    10.Luke Brandon, Shopaholic series


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